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Tamal stands as a bridge between artistry and empowerment, deeply rooted in Bengal's villages. With a commitment to preserving the legacy of handwoven Jamdani, Tamal takes pride in its own production, championing the skilled weavers of Bengal villages. In a world where powerloom poses a threat to their craft, Tamal strives not only to create exquisite textiles but also to provide sustainable employment, ensuring the survival of these exceptionally skilled Jamdani weavers. Join us in supporting tradition, weaving a brighter future for both art and artisans.

Immerse yourself in the artistry of handwoven Jamdani work, showcased in Resham Muslin silk, Tusser silk, Matka silk, and Pure Cotton. Our silk collection boasts Silk Mark certification, ensuring authenticity and quality. Explore the exquisite world of classical Bishnupuri Pure silk baluchari and Swarnachari sarees, hand Batik work in pure silk and hand-painted Tusser silk. Embrace tradition with our captivating Bengal Jamdani sarees and indulge in luxury with our handcrafted towels. At Tamal, we weave stories of craftsmanship and heritage into every fabric, bringing you the finest in handloom artistry.
Since all our sarees are handcrafted and skilled weavers are few in numbers, and as the process is much time consuming , we can't manufacture in volumes.At times we have to make our esteemed customers wait may be because the saree is getting woven in loom,or there is a queue of pending orders. But we assure that your patience ll always bring dividends in return.
Our price is fixed after applying all the reasons and keeping a very tight sustainable margin only and therefore we offer perhaps the best value for your money.