Temple border traditional tusser garod silk handloom saree


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A Temple Border Tusser Silk Handloom Saree is a luxurious and exquisite piece of traditional Indian clothing. This saree is crafted using Tusser silk, a high-quality silk variety known for its rich texture and natural sheen. The “temple border” design refers to the intricate and ornate motifs often seen along the saree’s border, typically inspired by temple architecture and traditional artistry.

One of the notable features of this saree is that it comes with a matching blouse piece, allowing the wearer to customize the blouse according to their preference and style. Additionally, it is Silk Mark certified, which assures the buyer of the saree’s authenticity and quality. Silk Mark certification ensures that the saree is made from pure silk and meets specific quality standards.

Fabric: tusser silk

saree length & width: 6.5mtr & 47”

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Length: 6.5mtr & width: 47”


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